Tumble with us!

We offer tumbling starting at age 3 up to age 18!

We use iclasspro portal to manage our tumbling classes. This program allows us to share the skills your athlete has mastered and is working on. Please create an account for family at iclasspro portal!

Our organization code is DEA7290

One of our core mantras for our tumbling classes is progression. You must master the skills in the level before in order to move a level/class. The required skills required to enroll in our classes are as follows.

Beginning Tumbling: no experience necessary!

Level 1-  Forward & backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round offs, standing bridge, front and back walkovers.

Level 2- For athletes that have already mastered level 1 skills.  Working on back handsprings, round off back handsprings, multiple standing and running handsprings, etc.

Level 3- For athletes that have already mastered level 2 skills.  Working on running back tucks, aerials, front tucks, etc.

Level 4+ – For athletes that have already mastered level 3 skills. Working on standing back tucks, Standing tumbling to back tuck, jumps to back tuck, layouts, etc

Please contact our membership coordinator Sabrina Lopez, for more information.

Email: info@dynamicedgeathletics.com

Phone: 253-212-0940

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